Technical advices

1. Wiper width and length.

GOOD-MAT aluminum doormat are made according to a directional system.
The best effect is achieved while aluminum profiles are arranged vertically to the direction of traffic.

Width of a doormat: horizontal dimension towards the entrance door

Length of a doormat: vertical dimension towards the entrance door

2. .Dimensioning of a doormat

Dimension of an inlet: internal dimension of an inlet destined for a doormat

External dimension of a frame: dimension of an inlet reduced by a clearance between frame and inlet

Internal dimension of a frame: external dimension of a frame diminished by thickness of a frame’s wall

External dimension of a doormat: internal dimension of a frame reduced by a clearance between frame and doormat

3. Maintenance and exploitation of GOOD-MAT doormat

To assure a long-term exploitation it is recommended:

  • regular cleaning by industrial vaccum cleaner, every day if there is an intensive pedestrian traffic, or at least once a weak
  • in the winter season: remove the excess of salt by extraction machines or specialized machines with roller brushes ; please contact the doormat’s supplier before the first usage of machines
  • please use chemicals that do not devastate an aluminum and cleaning refill
  • regular removal of stones, cigaretes ends, chewing gums
  • regular and thorough cleaning of inlet ( hole), specifically it is needed to keep inlet clean and flat on a whole surface and remove all constructions remains
  • any inequality of subsoil might be a reason of aluminum profile deflection
  • please report to the doormat’s supplier any demage of cleaning refill or construction elements

It is forbidden , otherwise the guarantee is not in force:

  • to conduct any construction works on doormats not protected with a thick foil and panels i.e OSB; it is recommended to remove a doormat from an inlet and keep it away from the construction works
  • to pass through an unprotected doormat by forklifts or pallet trucks or scissor lifts or scaffolding
  • to pass through an unprotected doormat by self-propelled cleaning machines
  • to make any unauthorized alterations and modification during a warranty period.


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